New Song Release “Lost In Berlin”

by | Aug 6, 2020

Hey Everyone

It is with much excitement that I want to share my latest single “Lost in Berlin” with you. I recorded this song last year at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town with Producer Ben Howard.

I wrote the song in 2017. 2017 was a life-changing year for me. After the passing of my first wife in July 2017, I took my daughter Gabriella on a European Trip. We spent a couple of days in Berlin and after a full day of going around the city, Gabriella asked me. Pappa, what would happen if we would get lost? I just told her that as long as we are together we will be fine. And then the idea for the Chorus came.

“If we get lost we get lost together, then it doesn’t matter where we are…”

It was important for me to be alone with Gabriella during that time. After her mom’s death, we were surrounded by family and friends of which I am so thankful for. She was visiting my mom and her aunt, sleeping over but needed to spend time alone. This is a special song I wrote for my daughter. I hope that my story encourages you to live life to the fullest and love and care for your loved ones. We only have this life.

How to get my new song.

Head on over to my website or just click on the bundle images below. It will take you to my music store. You will be offered a few bundles. Check out my dude bundles ranging from R100 when you buy my 10 track Brighter Day album I will give the new single as a gift. When you purchase my online concert for R75 you will also get the song as a gift. You can also purchase all my bundles, that would be the Brighter Day Album, all my singles and the online Concert for R215, saving you an R50 if you would take the bundles separately. You can also get the single for R20. I really appreciate your support, especially during the lockdown time.

Please send me your thoughts on “Lost in Berlin”. I would like to hear from you.

Keep well and stay safe.




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